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It’s been much too long since I’ve had a good cat video. If I ever need a laugh, I always know just who to watch: those furry faces a la Puss n’ Boots. (Hey, I never denied that I was … Continue reading

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B&C’s Women of Hollywood

Earlier this week I attended an amazing event that celebrated women in the entertainment industry. Titled “Women of Hollywood: Keynotes and Cocktails,” I was honored to attend thanks to an invitation by the host and coordinator of the event, Melissa … Continue reading

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I think the hardest dreams are the ones that can die. Sure, some dreams are fantastical (like flying to the moon or ever seeing the Titanic—sure, you can dream it but it probably won’t happen), but then there are dreams … Continue reading

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Miracles Happen

Miracles happen…when you believe. (Yes, that is a mild reference to the Princess Diaries soundtrack). But in all seriousness, a miracle did happen. In case you’ve been following this story on my blog about our home being robbed a little … Continue reading

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Are You So Jaded?

As many of you know, yesterday was 11.11.11—exciting, right? Well, in a day that should have been slightly a little more fun, I noticed some naysayers to the trio of numbers. People posting comments like “get over it” and “calm … Continue reading

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11.11.11: 11 Affirmations

It’s 11.11.11—Happy Veteran’s Day for one! Just about everyone knows a veteran so I hope you are expressing your gratitude towards them today. Also, because I tend to be a little suspicious, knocking on wood and such, 11.11.11 is the … Continue reading

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Sunny Star: Melissa Grego

I am so honored to introduce this week’s Sunny Star, the lovely Melissa Grego. I met Melissa this summer through my internship and ever since we have kept in touch. Melissa is the Executive Editor at Broadcasting and Cable which … Continue reading

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Facing Your Fear

Are you living your life in fear? Or with one fear in particular? I can most definitely relate if you do. We’ve been learning all about anxiety disorders in my abnormal psychology class, particularly phobias. I don’t think you can … Continue reading

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The Eleusis: The Priceless Issue

Hello friends! I’m so excited to announce that I’m going to be in Chi Omega’s upcoming magazine, The Eleusis. I was asked to share how my experience as Personnel Chair has helped me with my internships. I thought I’d offer … Continue reading

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The Two Week Limit?

We all have different definitions of happy. Some think it is a long lasting emotion and others think it is a temporary feeling. So here’s a little bit of water-cooler conversation for you: I have recently heard that the happiness … Continue reading

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