Holiday Lovin

Good morning everyone! It’s good to be back—I’ve been hiding away the past few days studying for finals. I still have one more on Friday so if I disappear again that’s why. And as I fumble for what to write about this morning, it dawned on me. If there’s one thing that makes me incredibly happy, among many things, it’s being in a healthy relationship. I’ve been in that for over a year now and it makes me incredibly happy. He takes away all the worries of my life and time is no longer of the essence—I can just relax and be myself when I’m with him. But what is it about a good relationship? It’s different for everyone but here’s what makes me happy:

1. A guy who can cook: Just last night my guy made me tacos and last week he barbequed burgers. And we’re in college! I’m so impressed when he takes the time to go to the store and fix me dinner and on top of that, it tastes delicious! I pulled my weight though—I brought the gingerbread cake! So hopefully I’m not literally pulling the weight now…oh well, it’s the holidays, right?

2. A guy who reaches for your hand first: I just love that.

3. A guy who says, “I love you.” A lot. If you love someone, then say it!

4. A guy who plans dates: This one is a little harder to find in my opinion but I love a guy who takes initiative. I can’t wait to go ice skating this weekend with him and our friends.

5. A guy who is responsible: I’m always impressed when a guy is smart about his savings and has plans for a future.

I’m so grateful to say that my guy has all of these qualities—and he just got accepted in to law school yesterday (but I think this is just the first of many acceptance letters!) So if you love someone, be thankful. You don’t have to share it with the world—I like to keep my life private in the important ways—but you don’t have to hide it either. Happy holiday lovin everyone!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Alan Y says:

    great story as always!

    Posted on 12.6.11 | Reply

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