Festive Fun with Friends

The holiday party was just a little more fancy than this...

Yesterday I wrote about how my relationship adds happiness to my life. But last night, as I attended E!’sHollywoodparty, I was reminded, it’s also your friends that bring an unequivocal amount of happiness. I brought one of my best friends with me to the event last night and we had the best time. So in a Part II of the people that add happiness to our lives, here’s what a great friends means to me in my book:

1. A friend who isn’t too cool: It’s nice to just be real with people. I love friends who are genuine and sincere—they are happy to be themselves and they won’t change themselves for what they think is “cool.”

2. A friend to laugh with: This is a given, right? My friends make me laugh more than any other people—especially when we’re all together.

3. A friend who’ll try new things with you: Whether it’s rock climbing or trying new foods, I love a gal pal who is excited to be adventurous. Life is too short to always be comfortable.

4. A friend who you can have heart to hearts with: Always a blessing.

5. A friend who likes to dance: Otherwise, it’s a no-go in my book!

These are just a few of the qualities that make a great friend in my book. Friends are the sunshine of life as I always say and I hope you’ll do something special with your friends this holiday season. The festivities are too fun to not celebrate with friends!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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