New Year’s Resolution Done Right

My dad: the yogi!

I know we all set New Year’s Resolutions but seriously—do you know anyone that has stuck with it? It’s not easy to follow through with your goals, especially for an entire year but this year I saw a New Year’s Resolution done right. I want to congratulate my dad who decided he would get in shape this year and there’s no denying it, he definitely has.

Last night he took his 100th yoga class and he was so excited about it. 109 push-ups last night and 15 pounds less this year, my dad has had a great lifestyle change this year. He’s always been physically fit—he loves to hike and he’s done just about everything from kayaking to hang gliding. But this year my dad picked up yoga, something that he had ignored for quite some time as I invited him to come to class with me. Now it’s the opposite! Whether it’s at 7:00 in the morning or late at night, my dad has become quite the yogi and he’s gotten so strong!

I want to publicly give a shout out to my dad today—I’m so proud of you dad! You’re an inspiration to us all and you’re proof that New Year’s Resolutions can actually be kept.

But in the meantime, hey, it’s the holidays so resolutions are in the back of my mind right now!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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