Relating to Peter Pan Today

School is starting up again. And I’ve never related to Peter Pan more. When I was driving back to school last night, I couldn’t help thinking, “I don’t want to grow up.” I feel like my life has been changing so much and so fast, I’ve just been wanted to hold on to the simplicity of childhood. Growing up just feels so complicated—living on my own, a new job, still being a student—okay, I’m probably over exaggerating a bit here but there are some days when it feels like the room is spinning and I can’t make it stop.

It’s been hard having a month off. I’ve adjusted to being at home, spending time with my family (and beloved cat), and just having time to relax. Things like reading textbooks, writing essays, and taking tests seems like a foreign memory right now. But I know that I’ll quickly adapt and thankfully I have my friends to remind me of how great school can be.

Tomorrow will be another day and then I’ll probably go back to wanting to be an adult—yay for turning 21 and for being allowed to go places. But as for now, I’d be perfectly content getting lunch with my mama and cuddling with my cat. That’s all I have to say for now!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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