Perfect Timing

Yesterday was an excellent reminder that good people are still aplenty. I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a rough day after I got some news. I’ve never enjoyed being played for a fool but yesterday I couldn’t help but think of Aaron Neville’s song, “Everybody plays the fool, there’s no exception to the rule.” Well, I guess I had my turn yesterday.

Behind this little red notification is the opportunity to turn someone's day around.

As I was sitting, festering in my frustration (because I hate confrontation), out of the wood work came some of the most unexpected but altogether wonderful messages. No one could have known that I was having a hard time yesterday but still, the messages, and one in particular seemed to come at the perfect time. I love when people have the courage to reach out and not only network, but also establish a friendly connection. It was exactly what I needed to turn my day around.

My former pageant director, Eddie Peterson, always says for his motivational speaking campaign, “You don’t know my life.” It’s so true—behind every smile or averted glance, someone may be experiencing their own personal troubles. Even when we’re not privy to the information, in fact, especially when we’re not aware of the situation, I think it’s so important that we are always kind, sincere, and patient with one another. This girl that wrote me yesterday didn’t know the details of my day, but in her perfect timing, her thoughtfulness was so endearing.

I hope you’ll reach out to someone today and let them know if they inspire you, add happiness to your life, or motivate you to be a better person. After all, you may not know what someone’s going through in their life and your message may come at the perfect time.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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