Money Can’t Buy Happiness But…

Money can’t buy happiness. Or so they say. I prefer to take a different twist—it’s hard to be happy if you’re struggling with money (whether you have too much or too little). For the first time in my life, I’ve been making money (better late than never!) and it’s been interesting to see how it’s affected my happiness. Not only do I think about my money a lot more, I also find myself subconsciously wishing my time away. My mindset has suddenly started to revolve around a two week cycle of anticipated biweekly Fridays. Not good.

Don’t get me wrong, being responsible is extremely important, but I think if we’re not careful we can fall in to the mindset of living in the future instead of the present. Within those biweekly Fridays, there is a good 13 days to enjoy and if we’re smart enough with our budgeting, we won’t have to anxiously await those paydays.

If there’s anything I’ve noticed these past two weeks it’s that it’s hard to be happy when you’re hard-pressed with your money. It can be difficult not to obsess and stress over it when you feel like you’re bouncing from week to week. SO—I encourage you to join me in allocating money to save each paycheck (I’m shooting for 25%) and spending wisely instead of foolishly this coming year (aka less shopping sprees and fro yo binges, folks).

Happy spending—but much more importantly—have SAVING. You never know when you’re gonna need it for a rainy day like today.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. My husband and I just put up $1000 in savings from my financial aid refund. The other $300 I bought myself some much needed clothing. I know that sounds excessive, but my husband and I do not shop frequently. It’s honestly about four times a year.

    Also, I to am going to start saving a bit of my paycheck each week to put into savings.

    Great post. 😀

    Posted on 1.21.12 | Reply

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