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Keep Your Mentors in Mind

I am a huge believer in having mentors in your life. It’s so important to have people you aspire to, whether you’ve met them or not. Also, I think it’s ideal to have a variety of leaders leading you along—not … Continue reading

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It’s Time We Know the News

Can you name the nine Supreme Court justices? I was asked this question in class the other day and it surprised me when no one in the class raised their hand—including myself. Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t know all … Continue reading

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Beyonce Knows Best

As crazy as I think Beyonce is for naming her baby Blue Ivy, I do give her kudos on one thing: her perfection at privacy. She has always handled herself and her relationships with class and poise by not disclosing … Continue reading

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Meet My New Roommate!

I was sitting here with a bit of brain block and I asked my NEW roommate, “What should I write about?” and she jokingly said, “ME!” So today I’m writing about my amazing roomie, Elaine Marie Murphy—fellow Chi Omega, current … Continue reading

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The Happiest Quarter Yet

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m back to writing for the UCLA Greek Newspaper, The Odyssey, and I thought I’d share this week’s post. I think it still applies no matter where you go to school or no matter how old you … Continue reading

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Relating to Peter Pan Today

School is starting up again. And I’ve never related to Peter Pan more. When I was driving back to school last night, I couldn’t help thinking, “I don’t want to grow up.” I feel like my life has been changing … Continue reading

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Let Your Hope Float

The break is almost over—I start school again tomorrow. I’ve been dreading going back for a while now; not because I don’t love it there, just because it’s been so peaceful at home. I love getting to spend time with … Continue reading

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The Rubber Band Theory

You’ve probably heard of the book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray. I read the book a couple of years ago and while I thought a lot of it was a bunch of hooey, there … Continue reading

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Attack of the Cute

It’s been a bit of an overwhelming week for me but if there’s one thing that can calm me down it’s this: baby animals. As we start heading back for school, I thought it’d be fun to share a few … Continue reading

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A First Day

Yesterday was my first day at Disney ABC Television Group and it was an absolutely wonderful day! I can tell I’m going to be learning so much (believe it or not, it’s my first time on a Mac computer—so the … Continue reading

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