Tear Down This Wall!

As we get older I think it becomes easier to build up walls to protect ourselves. I say this because I’ve noticed that I’ve put up some walls of my own lately. And while we think we may be protecting ourselves, I think these walls can actually hurt us more than anything. When we prevent challenges from entering our life, we are also preventing the positive as well. A wall is a wall and if you build a strong enough one, eventually nothing will break through it, not even happiness.

Perhaps you notice something similar in your own life, or maybe you’re good at remaining vulnerable and open to change. It’s something that I work on as much as I can. I think over the years, (and I think this is a natural process), I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve as much anymore. Sometimes my heart can stay buried away and I have trouble expressing my feelings. I think I revert to keeping my thoughts to myself instead of meeting a confrontation for fear of further trouble. However I have found that this often does more damage than good. Ultimately, I believe that we do need to speak up for ourselves, we do need to be honest with what we think and how we feel, and we do need to be open to change.

So here’s to breaking down walls. As Reagan would say, “tear down this wall!” I encourage you to do the same as I work to knock down my own. Life isn’t meant to be bottled up and preserved, life is meant to be shared, especially sharing how you feel. Be who you are and don’t fear that you are a burden; the people who matter will listen. I hope you’ll break down what’s holding you back and build up what makes you strong.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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