The Nonsense of Numbers

There are moments when it’s hard to put life in perspective and I realized this morning that we often let numbers define us in ways they shouldn’t. An 89.5 on grade (yep, that’s the number I saw last night checking my grades), a higher number than usual on the scale (yep, that’s me this morning). Heck there can be a whole slew of numbers that can steal our happiness–a low credit score, an expensive bill, the list goes on.

But in light of these numbers that were weighing me down earlier, I came to the conclusion that these numbers can’t define me. Numbers are labels, but they can’t label our relationships with our loved ones or even how happy we feel (I’ve found that it’s actually better not to put a scale on happiness). It’s the intangible things like laughter, like love, like joy that can’t be measured and that we shouldn’t attempt to measure.

So instead of relying on numbers to define your self-worth as I was doing earlier, I hope you’ll join me by finding meaning in your life elsewhere. After all, the numbers are constantly fluctuating but hopefully our relationships can keep improving. You can’t put a number on your life.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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