The Pinning

On Monday I went through an experience that has been happening for decades in the Greek world (of collegiate life that is). I was pinned. It’s a ceremony to celebrate a relationship between a fraternity brother and a sorority sister who have been dating for some time. While it used to be a much more serious tradition, often only if a couple was to be engaged (this was the standard when my grandma was a Pi Phi at UCLA), it is now more of a celebration—it’s still just as special though.



My boyfriend and I have been dating officially for almost two years but we have known each other for about two and a half (we actually met on my 19th birthday!). I love him so much and our relationship means the world to me. I am so honored that he would go to all the effort of planning the pinning while working with my best friends so that I would be surprised. It was one of the best nights of my life and I’m so thankful to everyone who made the night so special for us.

Now if you’re still scratching your head about what this whole pinning hoopla is, I’ll give you a little schedule of events. The night begins with a candle passing and when the candle arrives at the girl who is getting pinned, her best friends blow the candle out. A letter from her boyfriend is then read (one of my favorite parts!) and then the girl goes out with her best friends to celebrate on the town. Afterward, it’s time for the boys to arrive and the couple kisses for 100 seconds (which everyone shouts out to help them keep track). There are candles galore—this is another one of my favorite parts. Then everyone gets back on the buses and dances the night away. It’s a whirlwind.

That’s the night in the tiniest nutshell imaginable but the experience itself is truly indescribable. I’ve been on Cloud 10 ever since and I don’t want to come down! I’m feeling so thankful to have such amazing sisters and an incredible boyfriend. Thank you to everyone who made the night truly one of the best! I’ll never forget it.

Keep shining, 

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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