Much Ado About…HAPPY

Summer is almost here—I can practically taste the popsicles (maybe because I just ate one) and feel the endless sunshine (which is already here on a daily basis in LA). Memorial Day is such a tease, isn’t it? You get three days of sheer bliss and then oh wait, no, it’s finals. Not so fast, not so fast. The quarter system catches you! (Clearly I’m a little hyper from the popsicle, but actually let’s be real, it’s more so because freedom is on the horizon).

I shouldn’t call it freedom though because being in school is anything but slavery. I get to be around wonderful, happy people, spend time with my special someone before he’s off to law school, and wear shorts most days. I can’t complain. So I’m back with my mantra: don’t wish your time away.

However, because I live by this saying, I’ve noticed that it can kind of backfire. Example: I’m in denial. I’m in denial that junior year is ending, that finals are approaching, that said special someone is going to New York (for not one, not two, but three years), and that time in general is flying by. Heck, it’s almost June! I thought it was still January. I know I get tired sometimes but this must have been a freaking long nap.

So. Are you in denial like myself? Because right now, empathy would be greatly appreciated. But maybe it’s not so bad because for once…I am living in the moment. For the first time in an oh-so-long time, I’m enjoying every day and not worrying about the next. I think I’m happier for it.

Where are you at with it? Maybe a little bit of denial isn’t such a bad thing. I’m considering it.

Hope you enjoyed my bouncing off the walls post. This is what happens when you have two papers due at midnight.

Make it a great day. Or not. Your choice, my friend.

Keep shining,

Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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