Get an A+ This Summer…But No Class

Hi everyone! I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back “home” on the home page. A lot has happened in the past few weeks:

1. I got through finals week and suddenly (although not so suddenly) I am already a senior in college. And as I prepare for the final step of my college career, I watched my boyfriend go through his last step by turning the tassel this past weekend. I’m pretending his next step (Columbia Law School) isn’t going to be taken for a long time, even though it’s less than two months away.

2. I had an incredibly relaxing weekend with my parents in Vegas (a little bit of a paradox for those of you who have a different connotation of Vegas). In my family we’re not in to the gambling or partying (although I did gamble a whopping two dollars since I’m not officially 21!) so Vegas is more of a poolside weekend getaway for us. We saw O at the Bellagio which I have been dying to see (it was fantastic!) and it was the perfect escape.

3. Summer plans: I have three internships. I will be working for Disney three days in the Photo and New Media Department—I can’t believe I’ve already been there over 5 and ½ months. Also, I am so thrilled to announce that I will be learning from the incredibly talented Lisa Bloom this summer about book promotion as we advocate her recent bestseller, Swagger: 10 Urgent Rules for Raising Boys in an Era of Failing Schools, Mass Joblessness, and Thug Culture. Last but not least, I’m also doing a virtual internship with Kristi Blicharski regarding motivational speaking blogging, two of my true passions. I think this is going to be a period in my life of great discovery. Which brings me to my next point.

Summer is always a turning point in our lives. We meet new people, we go new places, and most importantly, we get new ideas. If we use our time wisely that is. Rather than cook like vegetables on our couches, I hope that you’ll use this free time you have (what a blessing!) to be brilliantly inspired rather than bored or burning at the beach all day e’ry day.

Of course, use this time to relax. I can’t say much after having spent the past three days doing nothing but swim, sip pina coladas, and sightsee. But sit with your thoughts as well. Your summer can be a turning point in your life if you let it. For once you have time to think about topics other than biochemistry or English literature. You can think about what YOU want to think about.

Just because you’re not earning a grade this summer (well, I take that back—maybe you’re in summer school), it doesn’t mean that you still shouldn’t be working hard for what you want out of your life. Get an A+ this summer on setting, planning, and achieving your goals. Rather than stagnate in the summer heat, take those steps that will get you on the sunny side.

Feel free to share your Sunny Summer Plans here!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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