Big Mistake. Huge.

It’s been a busy summer, right? Whether you’ve been traveling (I wish!), clocking in, or going to school, summer is a time for sun, sure, but it’s also a time for some serious hard work. I’ve had two internships this summer, one of them has been working under the talented and inspiring Lisa Bloom. I’ve been promoting her new book, Swagger by pitching to NPR stations around the country.

Most people are intrigued by Lisa and her writings but every now and then I get a naysayer. Instead of pouting over their loss, I was reminded of one of my favorite movies, Pretty Woman. Remember how Julia Roberts is rejected when she goes shopping for the first time in Beverly Hills? But lo and behold, she comes back with her Cinderella like transformation and lets the ladies know what a “Big Mistake” they made. “Huge.” And then the camera pans to the store clerks’ stunned-gun faces. That’s that.

I always think of that scene in moments of rejection. Sure, some people will tell you “no.” That’s ok, it’s their loss. There are many others who will say yes and give you that chance. You can’t get hung up on those who snub their nose at you, you have to keep hoping and focusing on those who will look you in the eyes and treat you with respect.

So next time someone tells you no, keep your chin up and move right along. Learn from the experience and use it to your advantage. And maybe, just maybe, those naysayers will see how far you’ve come—without them.

I think I’ll hit the stores for a little Labor Day shopping now.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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