Why You Shouldn’t “Just Do It”

It’s okay to take your time.

We’re always hearing how we should “just do it” or “go for it!” To not hold back, to be brave, to face our fears. While I think this sounds good on paper, we have to be careful in reality. I say this because I have recently fallen prey to these sayings. And it’s led me to leap without looking ahead. When you don’t consider the potential outcomes and you just go for it, it’s a risk. But we need to be aware of the consequences to these risks, rather than just focusing on the risk itself.

If we don’t do our research and delve into every possibility of a situation, we may have unwanted surprises. While the notion of being fearless can seem commendable, it can quickly turn into stupidity if you don’t plan for the future. We have to consider all the facets of our life before we make a big change—how it will affect us financially, in our relationships, along with our trust in ourselves. While it’s good to go with your gut, you’ve also got to think about how those split-second decisions will affect your life in the long run.

This week I’m working on thinking thoughtfully before I make any big moves. To be a planner with purpose rather than blindly pushing ahead all in the name of progress. It’s okay to go slow, to take your time. Patience is key.

What are you focusing on this week?

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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