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418131146623200998_7S3rgVjh_cI love the beginning of a new year. Now I know “New Year’s” seems like a while ago but for some reason my inspiration is kicking in a little late this year. Better late than never! When the moment of motivation strikes, you have to seize it. Don’t stare dumbfounded at it—embrace it and get going!

In case that fire still hasn’t been lit for you (and it’s totally fine if it hasn’t—it’s been a pretty cold and rainy winter thus far), you can always turn the situation around. If your ambition is in hibernation, it’s time to wake it up. There’s no time to waste, even if it is winter!

I think the best way to kick your motivation into high gear is to start goal setting to the max. In the beginning of the year there is so much promise. An empty slate, a blank calendar. Take your pen and make plans. Fill in the dates with memories-to-be and make each day count. Yes, we need to live in the moment but the moment will be that much more special if we’ve prepared for it.

Sometimes the happiest experiences come out of sheer anticipation. Waiting for something you’ve planned on can make the event itself so much more special. Of course—there comes a pitfall with this kind of upped ante. There is always the potential for disappointment. We’ve all been there—plans that we’ve built up in our minds to a grandiose occasion that fall flat into nothingness. What a let down. I often take these hits the worst since I’m such a planner but I always try to learn from them. It builds resilience if you choose to accept it that way.

Still—the fear of fallout shouldn’t hold you back from making those big plans you have for your life—and especially for your year ahead. Book the trip you’ve been dreaming about since you were five. Apply for that job application even if you’re unsure of the outcome. Go up and talk to that person that you think might snub you. If you never try, never ask, never GO FOR IT, the answer will always be a thundering no. Don’t let anyone silence you before you’ve even spoken. Go for your goals and see them as a reality—something that will happen in only a matter of time.

This is your moment, so take it head on. Don’t cower away worrying that you’ll be let down or embarrassed or lost without a paddle. You’ve got arms; you can swim. My point: you’re resourceful and even if your dream doesn’t work out, go back to sleep and dream a new dream. Your imagination is bigger than your mind may consciously think so go beyond those limits and explore the unknown. Knowledge is a treasured gift but we have to learn and test our boundaries to gain it.

This year is rumbling with so much potential. New friends, new countries, new classes, new lessons to learn. Stronger relationships, braver adventures, and actualizations of your goals. It’s all real, it’s all yours—go out and live. Oh and while you’re at, embrace the natural happiness that comes along the way.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Chris says:

    I wrote my goals on index cards and taped them on my desk at the beginning of the quarter, but I’ve been falling behind (making excuses..) on them lately. This post just inspired me to keep going strong! Great post 🙂

    Posted on 1.22.13 | Reply
    1. Chris says:

      Hey can you not approve my comment? I thought it was private, but I guess it’s public…

      Posted on 1.23.13 | Reply

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