Finding Happiness When You Don’t Know What Will Happen

Finding peace no matter what you are.

With June quickly approaching, this year has had plenty of uncertainty. I don’t know what city I’ll be living in or where I’ll be working. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t challenging at time but it’s given me a great lesson in the meantime: how to find happiness even in the most stressful circumstances. Can it be done? Of course it can!

Happiness takes on a new form under conditions like these. Yes, it doesn’t come as naturally but it doesn’t mean those moments of joy aren’t still there. You have to make them matter even more. When you hear some good news or you get to spend time with your friends—revel in it and realize that you have to enjoy these gifts while you have them. Take time to celebrate your success!

Furthermore, it’s okay to lean on others for support and encouragement. As much as our society teaches us to be independent and self-sufficient (which are important qualities) it’s not a bad thing to garner the advice of others and learn from their past experiences. It’s also important to spend quality time with those you love and enjoy the hours when you can just relax and not worry about deadlines.

My mantra this year is that everything that is meant to be will be. Some of you are saying: CLICHÉ. So be it. It works for me and it helps me see the bigger picture. If you see your losses as failures, it’s going to be much harder to recover and find your happiness than if you accept them as learning opportunities. There will definitely be times in our life when we’ll scratch our heads and wonder why things turned out the way the did. But we have to remember that in time, we will know that it was for the best and that we grew from it.

Another key to any stress you’re experiencing? Don’t take it personally. You never know what someone is going through. You can’t judge where someone’s mind or heart is at and you can only be so perceptive. Be confident in your own direction and your own dreams and trust that they will align in time.

I won’t lie: happiness can be harder to come by when life feels tense and uncertain. But instead of shaking in our boots, let’s stand tall in them and revel in the unknown. It will ultimately makes us braver, stronger people. If you ever look back on times in your life where you’ve felt scared, whether it was ziplining or going away to college—ultimately, weren’t you glad you did it? Weren’t you thankful that you took that leap of faith? I’ve always been glad I did.

Don’t ever forget how capable you are. While others may have the power to tell you “yes” or “no” remember that you are the one who ultimately decides your worth. Treat yourself kindly and be patient with yourself as this year carries on. You can and WILL do great things!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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