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Lessons from Maui

Day 3 Wed Snorkeling Lahaina Luau (66)It’s spring! I just returned from Maui for spring break and it was one of the best weeks of my life. Swimming with sea turtles, sipping pina coladas, and enjoying the sunshine—what is not to love? Even though it was hard to get on the plane to come back home, I know that I’m going to cherish the memories. Besides, the last few months of school are the best of the entire year. Sometimes when the clock is running out you treasure the time even more.

Still, I’m reminiscing about that turquoise ocean and the lessons Maui taught me. I think they apply whether or not you’ve been to the island. Spring Sunny Suggestions—here we go!

Day 6 Sat Dukes Haleakala Beach walk (165)1. Let new adventures inspire you: I went scuba diving for the first time this spring. While I was pretty nervous during that first descend, I soon found myself feeling comfortable 30 feet under and actually enjoying it! Taking healthy risks can be invigorating. Now I think I’d like to get certified! It’s always good to continue learning and beginning new challenges. Look for opportunities in your life that scare you but pique your interest—skydiving, anyone?

2. Go ahead—eat: It’s sad to me that so many of us are always on diets—girls especially. After spending several years of my life obsessing over every calorie I ate, I’m now very candid about how physically and mentally unhealthy it is to worry excessively about what we eat. Especially on vacation, it’s so important to live a little and just enjoy good food. In Maui we discovered a famous pie shop called Mama Leoda’s and we ended up visiting it three times because it was so heavenly! So what if I gained a few pounds? The food was great and I loved all the personality of the places we ate.

IMG_11463. Pause: In California we’re always on the go. It’s hard to really stop and enjoy the moment. Be aware. As I sat in Maui looking at the beautiful palm trees, the sunset, the whales breaching, I was so inspired by nature and all the amazing creations of this world. Remember that you are one small piece in an enormous puzzle—an essential piece, but a small one nonetheless. It’s marvelous to see beyond our everyday life and look at how magnificent our world really is.

4. Make every day count: I went with my family to Maui and we have always been the type to be on the move on vacation. We’re not the kind to lay on the beach all day. Trust me, I love just lounging but I realized this trip that you have to make the most of your time. You have to do what you can’t do anywhere else—sure, you can lay on the beach in California but can you go to a luau or go snorkeling? The same applies to being a college student—you have to do everything that you can now that you won’t be able to do later. Sit in those lecture halls and go to the events that spark your interest. This is the time.

No matter what you did for spring break, I hope you enjoyed it and are coming back refreshed and recharged. Let’s enjoy these spring days and celebrate!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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